How To Frag A Leather Coral. Attachment of leather corals, like this sinularia, can be tricky. How to frag a leather coral how do you remove rock coral from leather?

How To Frag A Leather Coral
How to Frag Leather Corals Reef Aquarium from

How to frag a leather coral how do you remove rock coral from leather? If you know how to frag corals, create some coral frags today. Branching sinularia soft coral as low as:

The Toadstool Coral Is A Perfect Beginner Coral For Saltwater Aquariums.

Get to know the leather corals: Mix up a small ball of aquamend putty. Wrap the live rock and frag with the plastic mesh, holding it in place with the rubber band.

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A video tutorial on how to frag finger leathers. The easiest way to cut large pieces of zoanthid rocks is to use a diamond band saw. All livestock (401) anemones (50) bubble tip.

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Frags are best attached to the substrate using a rubber band or plastic mesh methods, which are described in greater detail in, how to frag corals. Sorry i didn't make it to the frag meeting so anything there i did not see. The glue is what actually does most of the bonding.

Mount The Yellow Toadstool Leather Coral Using Ic Gel Glue, Or Putty, On An Exposed Rock Or Ledge In The Middle Third Of The Aquarium Where They Will Receive Moderate Currents And Moderate To High Lighting.

You can reach us at 416 265 8481. Neon green branching sinularia soft coral as low as: I have a huge one in my tank (8+) and it is too big for the space between the tank wall and the rock so it cannot open up all the way.

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As i cannot find the coral propagation section anymore i will put this here. The rubber band method ought to do the trick Below is a list of equipment shown in this video:frag plugs: