Saddleback Leather Urban Tote. This bag has been used and loved and is no longer sold online. This full-grain leather tote bag is as plain and simple as we could design it, yet with enough of a distinct function and look to say Saddleback.

Leather Tote - Leather Tote Bag | Saddleback Leather Co. | Tote bag pattern leather, Saddleback ...
Leather Tote – Leather Tote Bag | Saddleback Leather Co. | Tote bag pattern leather, Saddleback … (Mathilda Barton)

Joining the collection is the Mountainback Dopp Kit, Mountainback Tool Bag, and the Mountainback Simple Front Pocket Backpack. And although they don't need it, we reinforced the stitching of the handles with rivets and hidden polyester strapping. No problem for Saddleback Leather's new Mountainback pieces.

An all-in-one carry solution for surfing gear, sleek Danish minimalism for day-to-day needs, and a luxurious leather travel set.

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Delve into the details in our Week In Review… – Delicates laundry made easy on the go The Scrubba wash bag was created as a clever means of allowing travelers to do laundry easily on the go. Our leather tote bags and leather wallets are not just designed to look good, but to look good two generations from now.. I hope you enjoy this quick unboxing of the new Large Urban Tote from Saddleback Leather.